Critics are naming them "s-lottery machines" but the protectors of the new Iowa Lottery Touch Play machines say these "slots" are part of the digital new-revolution. Steve Heinemann is the chief manager of an Omaha business that manufactures the Touch Play slot machines. Heinemann says his company – The Oasis Gaming Company - prints draw tickets and first was contacted by the Iowa Lottery concerning its electronic dispenser for lottery tickets in 1994.

Iowa Lottery CEO Mr. Ed Stank has said the Touch Play machines will lend a hand to move Iowa's Lottery into the electronic era. Heinemann compares the Touch Play tickets to the "E-tickets" you obtain now to panel a aircraft. "You're playing a manufactured goods on a video screen as opposed to playing it in paper form," Heinemann says. "The fundamental difference of finite, predetermined outcomes is what makes this product different from a slot machine." Gronstal predicted lawmakers will cap the figure of Touch Play machines that can be placed around the state. Lottery officials estimate the state will reap about 30-million dollars in taxes from Touch Play ticket sales.

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